Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Summer? Bring on the Autumn!

Because (drum roll please), I have just availed myself of this little beauty. A super turquoise Yeti ARC-X cross frame. (cymbal crash now)See how it lays there on my kitchen floor in its little bubbly white jackets! You cannot see the lovely head badge but I feel that the seat tube emblem says all that needs to be said for those that know about Yeti Cycles.

I've never owned a Yeti mountain bike but when I saw - at Eurobike a couple of years back- the company made a cross frame, I knew one day it would be mine. I haven't decided on full spec yet (plenty of time!) but I feel that it is fitting that a certain amount of Easton components should be in place. Hence I have the very light and spangly Easton carbon cross fork that cost mucho dinero.

I already own Easton bars so I will replace the existing cheapo stem with an Easton item too when the times comes.
Inkeeping with all things Yeti, this little bundle of aluminium reliableness will be duly fitted.

I am keeping the Mavic Krysium wheels that i used on my old -and now with a new owner-Kinesis - especially after reading this article . Then, I may even use one pair of shoes just for this build, purely because of these! We'll see. Braking is not a contest. I shall have these, maybe not the mags, but a variety of TRP. Let the warm days roll in for the fat tyres and the autumn build commence..........


  1. how exciting, looking forward to hearing the tales of triumph over suffering.

    May I suggest Campagnolo! 10 Speed Centaur, the CX choice for the discerning rider.

  2. Well, I have time to save I suppose....