Monday, 27 July 2009

if you publish it they will come.......

Bontrager2412 - Images by Geoff Waugh

I bought a Quechua two man tent for this event. The last one was a Halfords one man-er and I broke one of the poles folding it up. (It must be said at this point I am not known for my patience). I briefly scanned the instructions for folding before I left for Plymouth. When the crunch time came I was wet and tired. The tent went home with me pretty much pitched in the back of my car. It now resides in my back garden where it is alternately drying out and getting soaked. Anyway, Bonty 24 12 was as good as ever. I am really jealous of the guys that get to ride the swoopy singletrack on Cottage return. Maybe next year I will have more time for riding and not practising reverse origami. Enjoy.

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