Saturday, 18 July 2009

When the shit goes down, you better be ready

I shot these images at 4am this morning. At 3am the rain wasn't that bad. Driving to the start of the 210k Salzkammergut marathon race-a sort of classic mtb event in the region- the weather worsened. Thunder, lightning - what more do you need? Shooting my rider in the dark in a field of 600 all wearing wet weather gear was virtually impossible. At least for me. The course turned into a raging torrent. I fully expected my man to come floating down the spate like a drowned sheep. When the racers broke above the tree line the temperature plummeted to 1 degree. The only respite was a corridor hewn into a rock face that provided shelter. But for ten minutes max. Riders soon capitulated to the freak conditions and began retiring, finding shelter and warmth wherever they could. My rider stopped when a marshall told him his lips were blue. But he still had a 60km ride to the finish point. A truly epic event, but one that the organisers were forced to bring to a premature end before someone died. Seriously. Yesterday it was 30 degrees and I got suburnt. They say tomorrow will be fine too. Whatever next hey?

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