Monday, 13 July 2009

Like, WaughStock maaan

It's been a long time coming. Actually, it's been 'kin years coming but there you go. Finally I have attached a stock site and a print sales page to waughphotos. Well not me, because that would involve backside shenanigans that I have little time for, but my old school friend Neal Orange Peel over at ThemApples doesn't mind. Doing things in my natural reverse order, all I have to finish now is keywording thousands of images so you can find what you want when you want. As it happens, thanks to the digital age, many of them are done, but those that I shot on good ol' Velvia will need some attention. And don't get me started on the thousands of black and white negs I have stashed from my newspapers days. Grrr. Likewise I need to complete my pricing structure for the prints but suffice to say there will be signed limited run editions.... So up until then you can certainly take a look around at what I have uploaded to date. There's a few thou to keep you occupied. Put the kettle on. Pull up a chair. Peruse, people, peruse..

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