Thursday, 13 August 2009

FixieCity Project -part two is bagged.

FixieCity - Images by Geoff Waugh

Are all bike riders nice, or do all nice people ride bikes? Even in fast moving, tension-packed, gun- toting (whoops went a bit too far then) London town it seems bike riders have time to stop and have their picture taken. But better still they all had time for a natter, to recommend other riders and places to shoot and generally shoot the breeze. (Apparently August is a quiet month for cycle couriers). Even Mo who looks nails with his fully inked arms and legs and huuuuge earrings was mild as a kitten. We stalked the same locale as the first session, and even though the weather was not as good, we bagged three portraits in quick succession - always encouraging. Spotting good photo backgrounds in London is not the hardest part of the job; there's one on every corner, and I found a place where I could use three different angles. (Domingo St if you really must know). Normally, I wouldn't include a close up but Mo's ink was so impressive I decided to run one pic. I think I will make a slideshow just for him at a later date. Click on the slideshow if you want to view the images more clearly.

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