Friday, 16 October 2009

Back in the day

Recognise this chap? This was taken back in the day. I suppose mountain biking is old enough now for me to be able to use that tired expression. This is the 2009 World Mountain Bike Champ Steve Peat lofting out of the start gate at the European championships in Metabief, France in 1994. Look at the Kona/Sintesi. Lovely stuff. Look at the stem length and the spindly Marzocchi fork. Still, at least he had disc brakes. Blindin! The point of this is I have been beavering away uploading a gallery collection called, strangely enough, 'Back in the Day'. Jump in and take a look around. Laugh at the technology and the clothing, or simply try and remember some of the names (that's what I am doing). Distilled Mountain Bike mag looked in too. Bless em. Until soon amigos mios.

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