Wednesday, 10 February 2010

World's Most Expensive Light Modifier?

I went to Focus on Imaging last year, principally to speak on the LowePro and BJP stands, but with the added fun of wandering the aisles looking at all the stuff. I always drop by to see Flaghead because they do Quantum Q-Flash and I like seeing what is happening in the world of portable light units. I have used Q-Flash for years now and still love the light quality versus lightweight the system offers. In fact I am still using the T2 versions which are ancient by today's standards, but continue to do what I need and that's enough. Anyhoo, I noticed a tasty snoot on the stand that could really use. Until I saw the cost. I'm not tight (it says here) but if there's one thing I resent paying for it's sunglasses because they always get lost or break, and ,well, snoots. Afterall, it's only a metal tube isn't it? Well yes, it is. But it's a very thin-walled metal tube of a certain diameter to fit inside the flash housing clamp and snugly around the blub. But then I had one of these moments!    I cut the steerer tube off a completely knackered Rock Shox Totem bike suspension fork lurking around in the musty recesses of my garage - offered it up to the bare bulb like a lunar module docking sequence (you had to be there) and VOILA! It only fitted perfectly :-)  So I now have what is probably the world's most expensive snoot. A full 700 quid's worth. Blingtastic.


  1. Only cyclists are this ingenious. Improvisation is a great art my love. Well done. I have an old Raleigh child frame and some glass sheets in my shed. Could you make me a 1200mm F1.2 IS L lens (Canon fit) please? Cash waiting.

  2. Fish all the bikes out of the Paddington Arm and we'll go into partnership?