Saturday, 20 March 2010

Is Youth wasted on the Young?

Of course it isn't. I get accused on a pretty regular basis of spending too much time on Facebook. Yeah, perhaps,but like my 20 Bensons-a-day habit, I can handle it! One thing Facebook has done has brought me back together with parts of my youth. Like when an old friend popped up and dropped into the conversation that her daughter was studying to be a photographer. Ace, I thought to myself. More the merrier. Bring it on. In my usual head up my jacksie, cocky way, I offered up my services. Well, turns out this lady doesn't need any help from me! I checked out her website and loved the very first image I saw. I found it so refreshing to see someone with ambition and a plan. When I was 20 all I could think of was clubs and bars, erm, and other stuff.  Imagine, knowing what you want to do at a young age and having the skills and the drive to go and do it?! I went back to my old school not that long ago and where there was once a playgound, there is now a spanking new photography department.  Ironic. Fantastic. I missed it (although I was always busy in the art rooms) but think of all the new talent spewing out of its doors on an annual basis. Not only do women like Laura have the vision but they speak the digital langauge; something us One Time Users of Film don't find intuitive (well me at least) all of the time. So I use Facebook a bit yeah, but when I discover all the good things that have happened to old mates it makes it all worthwhile. Check out Laura's work if get a chance.

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