Sunday, 30 May 2010

Catharine's day

This is a shot I took three weeks ago of the Luna Pro Team racer Catharine Pendrel standing on the podium at the Houffalize World Cup mountainbike race. The national anthem of Italy is playing for winner Eva Lechner, and Catharine is stealing a glance; probably to see if Eva is filling up. Either that or top step dreaming. As every coach will tell you visualisation is a strong part of the mental game.
Flash forward three weeks to round three of the World Seriesat Offenburg in Germany and here is Pendrel in her Canadian champion uniform tackling the infamous Wolfsdrop section of the course to a baying crowd.

Together with team mate Georgia Gould, Catharine rode away to victory, here being welcomed by a phalanx of photographers (I <3 alliteration!) and the winners spoils. What a difference a rest makes.

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