Thursday, 8 July 2010

Blad in a Pack

You would be forgiven for thinking that the little LowePro SlingShot 100AW is a bag for little cameras - but I doubt many would class the Hasselblad 501CM as particularly small. As you can see from the pic above, I get the 501 body with 80mm 2.8 lens and waist level finder attached. A prism finder slots into a separate pocket ,as does the lens hood. In the top pocket I can fit a Sekonic light meter and more than enough rolls of 120 film for my needs. I am in the process of shooting an on going project about the mechanics that work on the pros bikes at World Cup races and I can get most access (and they are more relaxed) early in the week before the battle lines are drawn.  After more years than I care to mention shooting this kind of stuff, I really can't be arsed to lug a big pack around the pits, so the 100AW works out just fine for my needs. I have a pro set up in a pack I an throw over my shouler and get around with minimum fuss. Sounds odd but this becomes more obvious when trying to negotiate crowds later in the week, with a big pack and flailing tripods! Just look at how chilled I am! So laid back I'm not even using he small counterbalance strap that prevents the pack from rotating on the body. Useful when you are riding a bike, for example.

Since I want the full impact (theoretically) of the medium format pictures to happen when the images are published, I have made a mini slideshow of some of the out takes and other stuff I took because I liked the look of it.

Blad in a Pack - Images by Geoff Waugh

Of course, when the action begins I have to break out the big pack and my fave is the Computrekker Plus AW which holds a full load plus a laptop. There it is keeping me company in the gondola up the Anoch Mor mountain, shot by ace lensman and midge magnet Steve Behr