Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Always learning, always....

I made a mistake at the Three Peaks. And it's a long way to go to make a mistake; a near 600 mile round trip. But as the header says, we're always learning and I shan't do it again. Oh yeah, I came back with some photos, but I could see from the images that circulated the net like wildfire after the event that I had been too complacent. This video on the British Cycling site brought it home to me how much I had missed.
Obviously, in a race of this nature one cannot be everywhere, but I had taken my cross bike and decided to ride between locations, carrying light: a Hasselblad, Horizon Perfekt and the trusty white Holga. First mistake was to go to the same spot as I did in 2008. I got a banger there then and was suckered in. The rocks look amazing and you can see the field as it strings out up Simons Fell.  The ride back down to the road was great though (eyes off the prize already Mr Waugh?).
Then I prevaricated. Turn left and ride the road to Whernside or right and go up Pen y Ghent lane? I went left and hooked up with some most pleasant ladies also race chasing. Whernside was full of walkers. Why not? It was a beautiful day and the Ribblehead viaduct is sort of famous. But I was getting frustrated about my backgrounds. I shot a few panos of the viaduct with and without riders but was frustrated with the multiple line choices. Luvvy alert! You know how it is. Still, the descent down to the tea van was wicked. Oh dear. 
Not chasing after the leaders meant I still had plenty of time to ride back to PyG lane and push up a ways and take some shots.
BUT, I should have stuck to my original plan which was to shoot Simons Fell and then go as far up Pen y Ghent as possible. In fact, if I do it again I will only go up Pen y Ghent and shoot the sh*t out of it! I spread myself too thin. Looking at my panos there are one or two I like. But no bangers. Not for me. My medium format is still in the dev so we shall see. But, like the racers, I am not phased by this year's edition, they will be back to attempt a personal best and so will I. Maybe without a bike, they are way too much fun.

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