Saturday, 11 December 2010

South East Regionals champs-back on the Blad

HogHill Regionals 2010 - Images by Geoff Waugh

The light fired, the snowmelt made conditions tough to ride but great to shoot. I managed three rolls during the one hour event. Not a great strike rate and I could do with a spare back for the camera and an assistant to reload for me! But what I did get I was pretty pleased with. The contra jour monos are particularly pleasing. An 80mm lens on a Hasselblad is like a 50mm standard lens on a 35mm outfit so framing becomes an issue if you want to exclude track debris - by that I mean spectators and other people with cameras! That said, the more I shoot with this camera the more I understand it's legendary status.
Wish I'd got one years ago!


  1. Excellent. Good to see a nice claggy course as well :)

  2. Great work! Not the easiest of shoots with a manual focus camera. Regardless, there's nothing like a Hassy!