Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Sun's out , all out!

Today the sun shone. It was shining when I woke up and is still shining weakly as I write this. It was the excuse I needed to get on a bike and ride out into the countryside. Bike riders know this is good for the soul and, I believe, it is doubly so for freelancers who spend an inordinate amount of time chained to a computer. In my case the Mac is in my basement so the urge to feel fresh air and blue skies is a pull

Do it fluid

EveryTrail - Find trail maps for California and beyond

I always take my iPhone in a plaggy bag and set off the Everytrail app as I leave the house, for no other reason than I like watching the little blue me (close the graph and you can see it!) riding around the lanes when I get home. Today the low sun flickered through the hedgerows like a strobe and left long shadows across the fields. The recent winds had died. I'm glad I went.


  1. Sounds lovely. Keep it up. If I carry on reading lots of inspiring things about cycling I might actually rediscover my biking mojo and get out and do some myself.

  2. Well, it is hard but the best stress buster going in my opinion. Don't get that air in the gym! Thanks for posting.