Friday, 29 April 2011

(Happy) Accidents Will Happen

Old schoolers will tell you that digital has done away with happy accidents in photography - and provided you have an inkling of what you are doing, they are right. I 'suffered' this happy accident recently whilst shooting the former World One Hour cycling record holder Graeme Obree for a lead feature for Rouleur magazine.    It was to be a one day job. Hop on a plane at Stansted, cab into Glasgow to meet Graeme, shoot the pix and home. Job done. I took the Hasselblad 501CM because I reckoned that Graeme, with his analytical thought train and love of engeineering, would appreciate it and it would give us something to talk about besides pedalling a pushbike. The shoot went well. Two rolls of 120 through and some digi pix to give a few extra angles. But when I took the second roll of 120 out of the back I knew something was amiss. Instead being taut and ready to be taped up, the roll was loose and ,well, soggy feeling and I could tell that light would've leaked into at least part of the film.
The lab later told me that the film itself had come loose from the backing paper, causing wind on difficulties. Anyway, I had frames in the middle of the roll intact. But this strange multiple exposure revealed itself. And I love it. And so does Rouleur! I reckon it will make the cut. To produce that in digital would mean a lot of computer work (for me!) There, a happy accident that worked in my favour.
Of course, I would never have shot the whole session on just the 'blad. I had the confidence knowing that I had back up. Best of both worlds I reckon.

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