Monday, 4 April 2011

Hell of the East Vid

Went out to a remote part of Essex yesterday; the flatlands between the Blackwater and Crouch estuaries where the so-called 'Hell of the East' bike race was being held. Private roads,often full of potholes, and rough farm tracks to form part of the course, a homage to the famous Paris Roubaix race in France and other classic early season races held in Belgium. The race was in doubt this year but sponsors stepped into save it and two or three bigger teams entered to make good fist of the racing itself. So, inevitably there was more press interest and more photographers! I have shot the race three times now and decided to forgo stills and practice my video DSLR technique instead. It ain't easy! Under two minutes footage from a three odd hour race. Hey ho. Still learning. Always learning.

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