Monday, 2 March 2009

The London (Fish) Eye

Went up town today. Even though I'm not a native, sometimes I miss the old girl and need to get on a train and wander around taking in the sights and sounds; trying to make like a sponge and suck up some of the creative buzz that seeps out of the place and hopefully take a little back home. This time I took my D90 and jumped on the DLR out to Canary Wharf. Sigma UK in its foolishness, had leant me this little beauty and since it was a nice sunny day I thought it might fancy a walk around the docks. I haven't been to Canary Wharf since I used to shoot for magazines owned by Northern and Shell and boy had it changed! Lunchtime inside the Cabot complex is a bustling non-stop sea of workers, like the inside of some giant anthill. Standing still, it seems, is not the done thing. Anyways, I wandered and snapped and shot some moving stuff on the D90's fancy little movie mode for later use on my Hollywood blockbuster. Yeah, outta my way Spielberg!! The lens is specialist glass and make no mistake. A rectangular crop into the 34.9mb frame produced a file of about 5mb! Still, I have seen the lens used to form very cool animated panoramic clips when stitched from multi frames. I didn't get some zealous security guard feeling my collar out onto the street when I was in the Cabot centre which was a result. I also walked out of Embankment and across Jubilee Bridge. On a day like today it is well worth it. The sun produced brilliant long shadows underneath Charing Cross railway bridge and I shot some nice candid material. Looked at the massive Rankin portraits outside the NFT and then TWO called me to request extra pix from a recent shoot. Oh well, back to work.......

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