Wednesday, 4 March 2009

When Sh*t goes Down You better be Ready

Well I wasn't ready. I thought I was - but sitting here tired and minging,trying to summon the energy to get in the shower, it's plain that I wasn't. For today I rode on the North Downs and,as we know, the temperature had dropped, last night it rained and stormed, and an ice cold shower awaited me. Summer Lightening was about the only place worth riding; where a modicum of speed could be extracted from the mean-spirited and tight-fisted trails, but the standing water made me feel like a Norwegian trawlerman without the oilskins and manly beard. I thought it was a fairly easy ride (although, I'm a bit out of tune with slack head angles and 120mm travel) but now, it patently obvious that it wasn't. No picture and no apologies for that. This was pleasure not business. Got to go now. Hasta la promixa and roll on Spring proper.

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