Thursday, 9 April 2009

Sign of the Times.....

To most people just a sign somewhere foreign. To those in the know it signals the beginning of one of the most well known cobbled climbs in cycling folklore. Not long by any stretch but it comes near the end of the 203km Gent Wevelgem cycling classic, when the wind and riding has already taken it's toll. I was at this year's event and spent an hour or so looking and taking pictures of the mount (the Kemmelberg is indeed famous for much more important reasons than cycling; it was the scene of bitter fighting and heroics in the Great War and is well worth reading about) and then the day of the race I found myself in the midst of The Throng. I posted a couple more images and a few words over on my news pages here. Take a look if you fancy it. Why not. Nice one. And look at the conditions : proper!

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