Wednesday, 1 July 2009

iPhone Only.

Yep, exactly that. Well, to be honest I did stash a Lomo LC-A in my Camelbak but this was a riding only break. I've lugged the black shoulder beast around the Passportes du Soleil route too many times now. So, yeah, the Alpes. Big. Bigger than the very biggest hill I ride in the UK. But that's why there are chairlifts. And wet too. Our first ride was down the Pleney downhill course which is a shocker when you have been riding around your local woods. Steep, rooty, rutted, the works. Arm pump? Oh yes. Pucker factor? F22. But ,just like the last time we attended the Passportes, the weather relented for the Big Day and the sun shone of the region offering majestic views and (almost) dusty riding. I only stacked once and at low speed.
The trails are still the best I have ridden - although why the organisers decided to switch the cracking singletrack down to Chatel with a fire road descent and then a fire road climb beats me. Still, now we know the way zip tying a board to the bars is no longer necessary. Roll on next year. Or even next month. Chapeau!

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