Thursday, 3 September 2009


No blogging for a week. That's what happens when I take a holiday. No apologies given. I took the girls - that's happy Nancy and angry Molly and Heather (not in picture!) to Morzine for a well-deserved break. As some of you know, Morzine is a mountain bike paradise. Lifts galore, trail after great trail;it's no wonder so many Brits make the journey to top up their buzz counter. But I didn't take a bike, didn't rent a bike and did look longingly at those that did! Still, we did plenty of things that I never get time to do, like taking the girls kayaking, and taking a chairlift up for the first time- and down too. (Actually, this is a great way to spot trails you may not have seen before). I did take cameras though. A mini-camcorder, a Lomo LC-A and a Bronica SQ. What? Too many? Don't think so. The cam and the Lomo are great holiday filming gadgets, and the Brony -well, I knew I was going to be near the Col du Joux Plane and wanted to add to the graffiti project I am shooting for Rouleur. Lucky for me I found some, snagged some cool landscape/last rays/cloud shots too and got back in time for my tartiflette and l'escargots. I came back pretty relaxed. Almost enough to wear the happy hat. Almost! The caps are courtesy of Velo Club Moulin (see my links). Look out for the black,red and yellow at a cross race near you. Au revoir mes amis! That could be wrong, I dropped out of French in the third year.....

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