Monday, 7 September 2009

RoadWrites on film

Phew, finally found some time to get the 120 rolls developed for my RoadWrites project. You know, it can be tough finding a lab that does that kind of stuff these days! I found one not too far from me called Menor (they even do cross processing, lawks a laudy!) in Harlow so I get to savour a little slice of Essex life when I visit. And that. Anyway, I am pleased with the quality of the contacts and pleased that the SAS style day in day out approach paid off. I got lots of punchy stuff which, when blown up , should look impressive. For the techy I shot these on a Bronica SQ with a 150mm f3.5 lens. The film was a hot potch of what I could find in various bags and four rolls of Fuji Superior that I bought from my local camera shop before I left for the aiport. Do you think I could find 120 film in Gatwick duty free? Fageddaboutit!

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