Monday, 28 September 2009


Interblog - Images by Geoff Waugh

So here I am in my hotel room on my penultimate day in the City of Sin. It's 100 degrees outside (always sounds hotter in old money!) at 11am. Praise be for air con. Anyway, part of my mission here was to shoot some products at the Interbike show for MBR magazine. Whilst trawling the enormous halls one couldn't help but notice the recurring theme was fixed gear bicycles. They are all over the shop. Even suspension bike gurus Foes had made one. Doesn't it look mean in its aluminium scaled skin? But since I am into the aesthete of the old school (I never used to be and blame Rapha for that!) I only had eyes for the classic rides. I have posted a few here for you delectation. Nice aren't they? Just a drop in the fixie ocean really. Cinelli had em, the Taiwanese booths had loads of em. And then, I spotted this white Volvo just like The Saint drove back in the day. Wicked!

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