Sunday, 20 September 2009

Holga does the seaside shuffle

Holga Seaside Shuffle - Images by Geoff Waugh

I love my Holga. Did I say that before? Well there's a thing. These shots were taken on a family outing to the beach at Aldeburgh in Suffolk, a lovely place that time has almost (you can get online) forgotten. And they like it that way. On a bluebird day the Holga really shines. I put a roll of EPP through and x-processed it for full saturated colours effect. We had three kites that day. Two disintegrated in the high winds and the one pictured soared like the best kites should. And the twine gave me a lovely burn on my shooting finger. It was so bad I had to go to the Galleon fish and chip shop and eat an Admiral portion of cod and chips, followed by steam pudding and custard. Amazing healing qualities, but I needed a walk in the bracing sea air afterwards. Burp!

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