Thursday, 17 December 2009

The Power of Facebook

See that guy there on the right? His name's Neil Cain and he has become a legend in the Waugh, Pearson and Motton households (that's the other two in the pic) thanks to the power of Facebook. I put a note about my work route yesterday on my FB fanpage. The shoot was of a ride from London to Birmingham. A long way. In less than ideal conditions. See pic:

Yes, that's snow, not pixel noise! Read the thread. Neil offered to bring hot coffee. And not only that he brought mince pies. Legend.
See, Christmas really is the time of goodwill to all men. Even men in Lycra. And it got spooky. Neil went to the same art school as me in Colchester and knew some of the same people.  I mean small world or what? So anyway, here's to you Neil. I hope Santa brings you what you asked for. We need more Neils in this world.

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