Thursday, 31 December 2009

The future of your favourite read?

For a photographer, the advent of the internet and the digital age has meant many changes. Some good and many,well, pretty crap. One of those is how our images are viewed. The nature of websites mean content is continually being updated so images do not stay around for long. And they are usually used no bigger than a postage stamp. (There is the deeper subject of how to charge for such image use but that's a whole eBook right there). Some websites, often belonging to news corporations, have taken the plunge and decided that, just because content is viewed on a monitor, it doesn't have to be that much different from the paper equivalent. One of those is the Boston Globe with it's BigPictureBlog. Images used big will always retain their IMPACT. How happy must the authors of those pix be? Almost as good good as getting a double page spread..  Now we see this idea from Bonnier R&D which looks stunning. Reading grat globs of text on a palm held device is a pain in the posterior. Enlarging the text to legible size means beaucoup scrolling just to read a sentence. Images are lost along the way. If this invention ever comes to fruition I will be first in line to have one. Every photographer, newsgatherer and magazine junkie (have you seen my toilet?!) should be watching this one....

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