Saturday, 30 January 2010

A nice surprise...


I went in to the Visor Down offices recently to shoot some product for the magazine and low and behold spotted this front kicking around on the desk. I thought it looked familiar; Jamie Witham on a Triumph 675 out in the country lanes.  Magazines are always looking forward and shooting for them often means you forget what has been published in the rush to get the next one out of the door. So it was a nice surprise when Barry the art director confirmed it was, in fact, my image. And that I had scored the editorial page image and a main road test feature - the Triumph, Ducati 848 and Suzuki GSX-R750- inside. The feature was shot on the Mallory Park track and then I got half an hour of Jamie ragging the Triumph up and down for the cover before he had to shoot off for a meeting or summat. I've shot a fair bit of motorbikes but this is the first cover so I was chuffed to say the least.

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