Sunday, 24 January 2010

Rutland Cross on a 'blad

Took one camera to the National Trophy Cyclocross round at Rutland Water and that was my Hassleblad. I understood that I would be restricted in many ways. No built in light meter, no wind-on,no autofocus, one fixed lens. No nada. But what it took away with one hand it gave with the other. More mobile, less faff, superb glass, no back ache!
I soon learned what I had forgotten from so ago: the 80mm lens is the standard focal length on the 6x6 format and that meant if I wanted to isolate a rider, or whatever, from the background or crowd then I would have to get closer and find a better position. No biggie. In fact, for once I left spectators and debris in the frame on purpose. I slowed down. I took for ever to unload and reload a roll of film. I found the back to front waist level finder a bit of a mind game. So what. I got cold wet feet from wading in the reservoir. I shot six rolls of film and I had a grand day out. But this wasn't a paying commission. There were no deadlines. Still, given the right client and the right deadlines I wouldn't hesitate in using the camera again. Sitting feeding negs onto the scanner and listening to it hum away is fairly theraputic! Can't say about a flickering light on a card reader now can you?
NB: I am not a retrogrouch. At least I am trying not to be. I believe in using different tools to achieve varying results. If you like the images leave a message. Signing onto Blogger costs nowt and takes minutes. Ta!


  1. Good stuff... I've been contemplating dusting down my Pentax 6x7 & 45mm for the same reasons. This might just push me to actually do it. Thanks!

  2. Really nice collection of shots, enjoyed the slideshow :)
    Did I spot a pair of Mavic Heliums in there? Had never even considered using mine for 'cross. Maybe I'll try them next season to see if I can finally finish them off!

  3. they're definitely Heliums, but the lack of QR makes me wonder if they got used.

  4. Wow, at first I thought Simon had spotted the wheels in use. Some skills! Lee, go on - you have nothing to lose. I love those Pentax 6x7s, they look like SLRs on steroids. Although that maybe the wrong word to use in sport ;-)