Saturday, 9 January 2010

What Big Freeze?

At least that's what I thought when I was taking this image from a commission down in Dorset last Tuesday. Yeah, the ground was iron hard from the frost but I was enjoying the white fuzz on the gorse and grass. But snow? Where? The riding conditions were pretty perfect (apart from frozen puddles which had to be spotted and negotiated with caution) and everything was looking rosy. Then it began to rain. Then the rain turned to sleet. Then my SB-800s begun playing up. My Pocket Wizards followed suit. Once the PWs went AWOL I tried using the flashgun's built in photocell but they went on the blink too. The Horror!  Luckily I was down to the last bike of six and I managed to scrape by. The shots were fine. Not as polished as would have liked but circumstances such as these occur every now and again. It wasn't the first time.  Then the snow hit with a vengence driving up the M3. Headlights into a whiteout. The snow settled on the motorway and lanes were no longer visible. Nice one! Just what you need when you are knackered after a 5am start. Slowed down to about 40mph and crawled up to the M25 where the path was considerably clearer. I love the days when you get a few stories to tell. Saving a job and then my own skin are just two of them. And more snow to come I hear. Bring it I say!

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