Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Back to the Future Prt II

Got a call from MBR last week that sent me up to Thetford Forest for to shoot images of the retrobikers
with their vintage mountain bikes, enjoying a little ATB action.  Don't know why they picked on me - probably because, like a fine wine, I am vintage myself and can remember all that coloured anodised stuff that was once the trickest of all things trick. (No one says 'trick' anymore either - or for that matter 'sano', my favourite Mountain Bike Action magazine turn of phrase). Nevermind, first bike I saw wheeled into the blinding winter mist was an Orange Elite, sparkling in its gold livery and looking every inch the early 90s steed that it was. More was to come, Nuke Proof, more Oranges, and my fave (naturally) a bright green Fat Chance Yo Eddy. I kept as real as real can be by shooting all the portraits on film with my Hasselblad.  No intricate lighting or posing either. The intention was to make the subjects appear of their time and surroundings. Made me almost wish I'd never thrown that box of anodised chainrings, bolts, bar ends and cranks away. Look out for the full feature in the upcoming issue. Tip: clicking on the image should open it so you can witness the Hasselblad and negative film loveliness.

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