Thursday, 18 February 2010

Brighty Scores with a District

Yesterday I got a call from Trek asking if I could do a fast turnaround shoot of former pro footballer and now BBC footie pundit Mark Bright taking delivery of his new District. I weighed up the options i.e sunshine and riding v working and money then jumped in the car and pinned it up the M1.  As with all things photographic there is a faff factor, whether that comes from the snapper's end or the subject' end or anywhere in between. This time it was the warrenty dept doing whatever they were doing as I stood outside watching the glorious winter light disappearing behind one of Milton Keyne's aluminium warehouses. (Costco, if you must know). So, I had about half an hour to bag Mark with his bike before dark. I chose a one light set up for speed and used a piece of the sun that was coming in onto the alu background. But enough photo-speak. The carbon District looked every bit the stealth bike and Brighty went home made up with his new steed. But not before a little clowning for the camera. We got some 'proper' pix though, of course. Job done and in the bag. Next!

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