Sunday, 28 February 2010

Rain workarounds. (or - go indoors)

Very often the weather has a big part to play in my photography. Obviously it can bring great light, although that is not nearly often enough, but usually it brings rain. And that's exactly what happened
during my last shoot for a bike mag. On the drive down to the storage lockup tiny drops on my windscreen turned into great dollops of freezing water. Not good. One of the riders had been caught getting to the venue and was soaked to skin and shivering. We had a quick pow wow. The theme of bike test was urban so why not shoot them inside amongst the aluminium lockers and harsh lighting of the lock up? Game on. This is one of the few times I have used Nikon's Continuous Light System (CLS), knowing that in such a small space any remote flash would pick up the signals from the pop up flash unit on my D300s. I put an SB-800 each side of the door frame out of sight to back light the bikes and illuminate the corridor immediately behind. then I dialed the tiniest bit of fill-in from the camera flash. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Job done. Almost. In an ideal world I would have shot the bike completely square on to the camera, but I was from a small area where four corridors intersected and as such had no room to manouvre. Square on was too close to the subject for the correct perspective.Hey ho!

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