Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Time - he's waiting in the wings

Time. There's not enough of it. Not for me, nor I imagine, for you. And not for men like F1 driver Mark Webber, a human programmed to go fast. His life revolves around training, testing and driving the Red Bull Racing RB7 car. So time is at a premium.  I shot Mark recently when he joined members of the Subaru Trek mountain bike team for a spin around the local trails before they headed up to the World Cup in Dalby Forest, Yorkshire. It was ace to see people from very different sports interacting and mutually respecting each other's game. But the best bit for me was at the end of the day when I took a quick group shot and Webber said: "hey, you don't mess around, I wish they were all as slick" . And then later when shooting a cover for Shred magazine with Jonathan Horgan-Kobelski and his partner Heather Irminger , JHK remarked along the same lines. This is a complement and I was flattered. But the point of this is that the more time we take over images, the more antsy and less relaxed our subjects become. Professionals are always busy. I have no wish to interrupt their lives, which is why I nail the shots early on and then move on. I know through the viewfinder when the shot is good and a quick check on the LCD is confirmation. Hopefully, my subjects will remember me for that.

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