Saturday, 3 September 2011

Wide Eyed and Legless double exposures

I got a call from Ian Cleverly, Rouleur magazine's dep ed asking if I wanted to shoot some of the guys from the ANC Halfords team for a feature that centred around Jeff Connor's book Wide Eyed and Legless, the tale of the British team's 1987 foray into the cauldron that is Tour de France. Connor was a Daily Star reporter and was meant to ride one of the tour stages beforehand and then write about it. Apparently, he got the gig because he was the only one in the office that didn't smoke. The resulting  tale is of struggle, pain, lousy food and accommodation and every kind of ineptitude in between. Connor himself ended up driving one of the team vehicles, carry suitcases and generally mucking in.  It is worth reading. So, since I remember that tour very well indeed; one of my fave years, it would have churlish to decline the offer.
I met up with former ANC team boss Phil Griffiths and riders Malcolm Elliott and Adrian Timmis at an Italian Restuarant in Stone in Staffordshire and over dinner squeezed off a few frames. But I wanted something a bit different from the norm. As the guys got up to leave I had a idea and asked each one to stand back to wall a I shot off a double exposure portrait of each. I met Paul Watson at his offices in Milton Keynes and Graham Jones in the offices of his employee down in Surrey. Each shoot, as is the way when shooting with a writer in attendance, (no offence Ian!) was quick, falling at the end of the interview. This is one of the reasons I chose the double expsoure route. It would have been too easy to come back with something regular, and wouldn't have looked that arresting considering the locations.The double expos can be seen in the current issue of Rouleur, no 25.
For the camera techies, I shot with on camera flash with one of these on the flash head.

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