Friday, 27 March 2009

Rollin' with the ringlight

I bought a Lencarta ringflash from the far east a while ago and to be honest it hasn't seen the camera time it deserves. So, encouraged by a piece I read over on Strobist , I decided to have a play. I roped in my younger bro as the stooge and set up this shot.

I used two Quantum Q-Flash lights with their 12in soft boxes attached and set them slightly behind the subject to allow the light wrap around his face. Then the Lencarta was put on a tripod and set to roughly four stops less output than the Qs. I say roughly because I couldn't dial the power down enough to achieve the output level I wanted and pulling back the flash from the subject meant I couldn't get the tell tale circle catchlights in the eyes. The ringflash comes with a diffuser 'sock' which reduces the output but could I get mine to fit? Could I heck as like.
I wrestled and wrastled and huffed and puffed with it to no avail. So I went with this in the end. Still think they look OK. A work in progress....Here's a few more images


  1. That TV thing is pretty cool. Knicked from Photobucket?
    Why didn't you just stop down your camera and power up the softboxes? That would have had the same effect as powering down the ringpiece wouldn't it? Genuine question.

  2. My 85mm has a minimum aperture of f16 and I couldn't stop it down any further! The TV show is an import from Photobouquet. Pretty neato huh? There's a few good uns there. And a lot of sh8te.