Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Unseen Wiggo

Not published this image until now. That's because now, today, I'm right behind Wiggins in his bid to win the Vuelta a Espana. The Sky captain has been an example in the Spanish race and I hope he has the power to pull a victory from what is a tough situation.
This shot was captured at this year's track World Cup at the Manchester velodrome. The four man UK pursiuit team were in the holding pen before their race. Three members were sitting, elbows on knees and heads down. But, as I crouched in the narow space between the TV interview enclosure and the teams pen, Bradley decided to ease the tension with a big ol' relaxing pose. Boom! - job done. The only way I could improve this image would be to ask his team mate on the right of the pic to move. But that was never going to happen!  Venga Wiggo, vamos!

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